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In these pages you will find information on, and links to, the variety of services offered by Ambleside Children’s Centre, Wokingham Borough Council and some national organisations and charities.


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 - Wokingham Information Network WIN


 - Wokingham Family Services Directory FSD


 - for information about childcare and nurseries please click - www.wokingham.gov.uk/families


Extended Services; What Are They?


By September 2010 all schools in England and Wales need to have the ‘Core Offer’ in place. There are five areas of the Core Offer. All schools in Wokingham meet the Core Offer. The following is a brief outline of what this means in practice.



Schools have a duty to provide all parents with access to, or signposting to, childcare options from 8am-6pm for 48 weeks of the year. The demand for childcare will vary between schools. Schools survey parents at regular intervals to assess demand for childcare.


The Ambleside Centre offers an extended range of services.  Childcare is provided within our Pastures nursery for children aged 3 months to 3 years.  For children aged 3 to 5 years attending our Meadows nursery, additional sessions may be purchased around the 15 hours of funded provision


Other provision in the local area is available.


Please see links below:

For information on Childminders  in your area click on link

For more information on other Childcare in your area click on link


Varied Menu of Activities

All schools work hard to provide children with access to a variety of before and/or after school activities. These activities will include sport and study support e.g. chess, craft and IT clubs. Out of school activities allow children to follow their interests and develop their skills. Children are often consulted about which activities they would like to take part in and where possible the schools try to accommodate these demands.


Community Access to Schools

All schools work hard to ensure that they work with the community. Whenever practical school premises are available for use by community groups. Each school has their own lettings policy. Schools may signpost to local facilities.


Parenting Support

All schools provide a range of support to parents. This will include parent meetings, support at transition points, providing, or signposting to, family learning opportunities and signposting to parenting courses run by the local authority. Go to the Parent Support page for useful links.


Swift and Easy Access to Specialised Services

All schools work with a variety of statutory and voluntary organisations to provide specialist support, when needed, to children and families. The school will be able to give advice on the range of support available.



All schools in Wokingham are divided into clusters


The Woodley Extended Services Cluster include:


The Ambleside Centre


St Dominic Savio RC Primary School


Addington School


Willow Bank Infant School


Beechwood Primary School


Willow Bank Junior School


Highwood Primary School


Woodley C of E Primary School


Rivermead Primary School


The Bulmershe School


South Lake Primary School


Waingels College



Further information:


There is a wide range of information for families on the Wokingham Information Network WIN which has a link to the Family Information Service. This service will give you information on anything from your local brownie and cub group, activities offered at your local library, finding a childminder to holiday activities.


To find out more about Extended Services click on the link.


National Extended Services